Dharmesh Pandey -

Hii I am Dharmesh Pandey, I am 18 years old From Pratapgarh UP currently stay in Mumbai. I am web designer Freelancer I love exploring history, politics & Truths Behind life. 

I am so much interested in modern technology as well as traditional culture. I am just 12th pass out student after that I left my studies and went growing my skills. fortunately I’m happy today for my previous life.

Dharmesh Pandey

My Inspiration -

Today this is the world of internet, we are not limited to a small peace of land we can go global and can learn with well experienced people.  

I am so much inspired by Swami Vivekananda who was one of the revolutionary person in the world & APJ Abdul kalam who gave a super power to India He was real example of person that how nationalism is up-to everything. In the terms of history and politics Bhai Rajiv Dixit inspired me a lot He shows how British forces affect Indian culture.

Sadhguru is living example of my inspiration in  the terms of spirituality.